The AUBC committee are committed to re-connecting with as many Alumni of the Club as possible. This will be done through the AUBC website, via email and annual club functions.

By registering as an AUBC Alumni you will not only be aiding the club in creating a list of past members. You will also receive.

– Email updates regarding the racing success of AUBC throughout the season and club fundraising efforts.

– Invitations to club events such as the Christmas Party, Annual Dinner, Boat Christenings and Regatta BBQs.

– A warm welcome at Thursday night Club Drinks!

If you are a past member of AUBC we would greatly appreciate it if you could fill out our registration form below.
Additionally if you could encourage any former members of the club you may still be in contact with to also register it would be greatly appreciated. The club is proud to offer this free of charge.

AUBC Alumni and Mailing List Registration.


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