If you have any questions or concerns regarding the club, please contact the appropriate committee member via their email given below:

CAPTAIN (Alacoque Tunny) – captain@aubc.asn.au

PRESIDENT (Lachlan Ward) – president@aubc.asn.au

TREASURER (Alexander Tucker) – treasurer@aubc.asn.au

ASSISTANT TREASURER (Mitchell Moore) – Mitchell.moore@adelaide.on.net

SECRETARY (Sophie Radford) – secretary@aubc.asn.au

ASSISTANT SECRETARY (Tom Beresford) – tpberesford@outlook.com

MENS VICE CAPTAIN (Oscar Moore) – ojansmo@gmail.com

WOMENS VICE CAPTAIN (Carys Jones) – Carys.j111@gmail.com

MAINTENANCE (Harrison Francis) – Harrisonfrancis8@gmail.com

FUNCTIONS (Julien Maddern) – Julien.maddern@gmail.com

GENERAL (Jemima Richter) – jemimakaterichter@gmail.com

GENERAL (Lilli Cavill) – Lils.cavil@gmail.com

GENERAL (Michael Page) – mypalinda@gmail.com

GENERAL (Bill Natt) – bnatt9@gmail.com