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Vice Presidents

The Vice Presidents of AUBC represent members past and present that have made a significant contribution towards
the success of the club, both on and off the water. 

In 2013 a number of VPs led by Dr Henry Newland were responsible for the full donation of an Empacher 4-
to be used by the lightweight men of AUBC at the State and National Championships. This represented AUBC's first major purchase due to fundraising efforts.

In 2014, coupled with another large fundraising push towards two new eights, as well as the updating of its Alumni database, AUBC is attempting to update the contact details of all its current VPs.                                   

If you believe yourself to be a VP and have not recieved any correspondance from the club in the last 12 months please update your details so we can keep in touch.

To update your details please click HERE!

For any other concerns regarding the VPs list please contact the Captain at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


                   The AUBC Lightweight Men's 4- Taking out the State Championship in the newly donated boat in Febuary 2014


AUBC Vice Presidents


Surname First Name
Ms Adamson Frances
Mr Andrew Nick
Ms Baine Jacqui
Mr Beal Andrew
Mr Beard Alastair
Mr Belcher Dave
Mr Belcher John
Mr Benny Anthony
Mr Benny Geoff
Mr Benny George
Mr Bentley John
Mr Bertram Ken
Ms Bignall Hayley
Mr Bishop David
Mr Bobaly George
Dr Bolt John
Mr Bone Howard
Ms Boylan Adelaide
Ms Bursill Chris
Mr Butler Mark
Mr Butler Michael
Mr Cannon Peter
Ms Capella Amelia
Ms Carle Alison
Ms Carter Frances
Mr Cheesman Robert
Mr Ciccarelli John
His Honour Judge Clayton Dean
Mr Clements Peter
Ms Collins Cassie
Mr Cooke Damien
Mr Cooper Robert
Mr Cornelius Dave
Mr Cudmore Paul
Mr Culver*  Robert
Mr Dobson Peter
Mr Doe Stephen
Dr Duncan Henry
Mr Elleway Rod
Mr Evans Michael
Mr Fargher Will
Mr Fernandez Jaime
Mr Greenslade David
Mr Gunson Paul
Mr Hall Richard
Ms Halliday Amber
Ms Hancock Veronica
Mr Harland Tim
Mr Harland Tony
Dr Hatcher Dennis
Mr Hay William
Ms Hayes Amanda
Mrs Healey Tanja
Mr Hebblewhite* Guy
Mr Henbest Matt
Dr Henrich Dale
Ms Hillier Kate
Mr Hirst Lukas
Ms Hoffmann Julia
Dr Hooper Matt
Ms Houston Marguerite
Ms Howell Anna
Mr Howell Don
Mr Howell Peter
Prof Hume Rory
Ms Jackson Anna
Mr Jeffries William
Mr Jeffries Tom
Mr Jeffries Michael
Mr Johnson Anthony
Mr Jovanovich George
Dr Keene Greg
Mr Keene Phil
Mr Ned Kinnear
Ms Kruiskamp Belinda
Mr Lawson Robert
Mrs Litt Mira
Dr Lott Charles
Mr Lowe Derek
Ms Lowe Tina
Mrs Maclaren Christine
Mr Maddern Patrick
Mr Magarey Michael
Mr Mangelsdorf Phillip
Ms Mapletoft Libby
Mr Martin Jim
Mr Matters Tom
Ms McCusker Barbara
Mr McKay Scott
Mr McLean Hugh
Dr McNeil Gavin
Mr Michell H. Edwin
Mr Miller Adam
Dr Miller Ross
Mr Miller Cameron
Mr Miller Mark
Dr Milner Les
Mr Moody William
Mr Moore Roger
Mr Morgan Chris
Dr Morgan Gwyn
Ms Mount Chelsea
Mrs Moyle Elizabeth
Mr Natt William
Dr Newland Henry
Mr Northcote Geoff
Mr O'Brien Kevin
Mr Oest Adrian
Mr Page Michael
Mr Parker Christian
Mr Parker Richard
Mr Parsons Brenton
Mr Perry Steve
Mr Perry Geoff
Mr Potts Darren
Mr Price James
Dr Puddy Andrew
Mr Ramsay Andrew
Dr Reece John
Ms Reynolds Loretta
Mr Richardson Brian
Ms Riedel Karen
Mr Ross Angus
Mrs Ross nee Howell Anna
Mr Rowe David
Ms Rowe Belinda
Mr Russel Alex
Mr Sanderson-Brewster Cam
Mr Saunders Sam
Dr Setchell John
Mr Shannon Hugh
Mr Shannon Michael
Mrs Silz Sally
Ms Slatter Kate
Mr Smit Johan
Hon Smith Lockwood
Dr Southcott Emma
Dr Southcott Michael
Mr Southcott Brian
Mr Southcott Lindsay
Dr Southcott MP Andrew
Dr Spriggins Anthony
Ms Stock Louise
Mr Szuster Fearnley
Dr Thomas Ashleigh
Mrs Tidswell Amanda
Mr Todd Jonathon
Mr Sam Tolley
Mr Van-Ruth Pete
Mr Walsh Alister
Ms Ward Frances
Mr Willoughby* Tim
Mr Wills William
Mrs Wilshire Brooke
Mr Wiseman Richard
Mr Wurm Jeremy
Mr Worthington Alex
Sir Young* Harold

* Indicates VP is deceased

Donate to AUBC

Many People enquire about donating and are disappointed when they learn that donating directly to AUBC does not attract a tax deduction.  However, now, thanks to the Australian Sports Foundation Ltd. (ASF), you are able to donate and still attract a tax deduction. Donors must contribute unconditionally to the ASF to claim a tax deduction; however, the ASF’s structure makes it possible for a donor to indicate a registered project as the preferred beneficiary of their gift.

Stride Out

Stride Out is the club's irreverent, much maligned and sometimes informative bi-annual magazine. If you like absurdist humour and rowing then it might be worth a read. In recent years, thanks to the computer skills of Ned Kinnear, the publication has become far more polished!

Rowing Quotes

Quotes from AUBC

"Rowing is a simple sport stuffed up by experts" - Roger Moore 

"A person who plays no sport is to be pitied, but a person who plays a sport but will not impose upon himself the discipline necessary for his maximum performance should not class himself as a sportsman." - Francis Perry Nolan (Portrait of a Rower )