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Leading Edge Physical Therapy

AUBC is proud to announce Leading Edge Physical Therapy as its performance partner.

Leading Edge Physical Therapy was established in 2007 in response to a need in the market to provide high quality physiotherapy management and excellent customer service. With the principal physiotherapists having extensive experience in the sports medicine and its application in the elite setting, our clientele quickly took on a very sporting nature - with athletes from the football, soccer, basketball, athletics and particularly rowing utilising our deep knowledge in this area to achieve great results.

Our two principal physiotherapists have worked with Australian senior teams in the domestic and international setting. Andrew Darcey has been a physiotherapist with the Australian Rowing Team since 2013 and has worked with the senior team at training camps in Australia, as well as travelling with the team to World Cup regattas in Italy, Poland and Switzerland. James Trotter has worked with many Australian teams over his career, including Athletics, ​Water Polo and Canoe/Kayak. James has been selected as a physiotherapist with the Australian Olympic Team for the 2008 Beijing, 2012 London and 2016 Rio Olympics.

This level of experience within the clinic lends itself to training all our staff at a high level to manage sporting injuries in these areas. ​We have established protocols within the clinic for screening rowers in pre-season for injury prevention and performance enhancement, as well as injury management pathways for the most common rowing injuries. ​​If you are curious how to improve your rowing or prevent that recurring injury that is interrupting your training, a visit to Leading Edge will help you achieve your goals.
Appointments can be made online at or by calling our reception on 8364 6800 (Rose Park) or 8159 1300 (Henley Beach).

Mention that you are a AUBC rower and you will receive our discounted rate.

Rowing Programs


Adelaide University Boat Club (AUBC) is the most successful club in South Australia with the best boat fleet, coaching and facilities. The culture of The Club is based on performance, respect, excellence and team work with all members and coaches helping to push and support each other at any level of the sport.

AUBC is a great place to row if you’re thinking of attending Adelaide University, though you dont have to be a student to row for us! The Club is very closely linked to the academic side of AU which helps our student athletes manage the time commitments of the sport along with their study committments. This relationship also offers our student members the opportunity to apply for grants and athlete bursaries through Adelaide University Sport. In the last 2 years our rowers have been awarded over $12,000 in grants to help defray the costs of training and academics.


AUBC has many programs for athletes of all ages to be a part of.  They are:

  • Performance Group (West Lakes SA)

    • Focused on making the State or National Teams
    • Ready for a competitive level of training
    • Can balance their lives so that all aspectsof their life compliment each other
    • Mostly comprised of more experience athletes but will include junior athletes with stand out ability.
  • Development Group (West Lakes SA)

    • Capable of making the State of National Team in the future.
    • Open to underage athletes
    • Guidance on how to balance their lives to ensure all needs are met.
    • Comprised of athletes from 14yo through to adult athletes.
    • The aim of these athletes will be to transition into the Performance group over the next 12-24 months.
  • Club / Novice Group (Torrens River)
    • Focused on participating in the sport a few times a week
    • Interested in gaining fitness
    • Possibly transition into one of the groups above
    • Social Rowing

*AUBC is always interested in athletes looking to take up coxing.  Coxswains are treated as any other athlete to ensure they develop and improve in similar ways.  Coxswains ( are an integral part of our team at AUBC.

Collectively the coaches at AUBC are the most experienced of all the clubs in SA.  Our team includes the only full time Club Head Coach in the state.  They’re knowledgable in rowing from beginners through to National Team athletes/teams and have been successful at all levels.  AUBC has far more focused coaching hours per athlete than any other club in SA which is a cornerstone of the clubs success.

2013/2014 saw the club hit new heights.  Highlights included:

  • 22 of 27 State Championship Titles including the Men’s and Women’s First Grade 8+’s
  • 70% of the most successful SA State Team in decades were AUBC members
  • 5th overall at the 2014 National Championships
  • Several club members being named to all levels of the Australian National Team
  • The purchase of over $150,000 in new equipment

Please dont hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding rowing with AUBC!


Patrick Ey


Captain- AUBC


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