About the Pin:

“The McVilly-Pearce Pin is named after Cecil McVilly, the first rower to represent Australia at an Olympic Games and Bobby Pearce, the first Australian rower to win an Olympic gold medal.

Every rower who has represented Australia at Senior level at either a World Rowing Championships, Olympic or Paralympic Games or a Commonwealth Games [receives] a specially numbered pin to commemorate the first time they were selected to be part of an elite group of men and women who have had the honour to represent Australia on a world stage…Every athletes has been delegated a number from the first time they were selected and raced for the Senior Australian Rowing Team.”

– Rowing Australia

AUBC Recipients:

[188] Rod Elleway (1970 M4+)

[189] Professor WR ‘Jack’ Hume (1970 M8+)

[238] Brian Richardson (1975 M8+)

[276] Barbara Henrich (1978 W8+)

[277] Dale Henrich (1978 W8+)

[280] Rob Lang (1978 M2-)

[281] John Bolt (1978 M2-)

[282] Brenton Parsons (1978 M2+)

[293] Dr Dennis Hatcher (1978 LM8+)

[310] Tim Willoughby (1980 M8+)

[317] John Bentley (1981 M4+)

[369] Amanda (nee Cross) Tidswell (1985 LW4-)

[371] Karen Riedel (1985 LW4-)

[386] Dr Alison Smith (1986 W2-)

[399] Nick Sellars (1987 M4+)

[425] David Belcher (1989 LM4-)

[465] Kate Slatter (1991 W4-)

[480] Jaime ‘Hammer’ Fernandez (1992 M8+)

[582] Amber Halliday (2000 LW4x)

[623] Marguerite (nee Houston) King (2002 LW4x)

[678] Chris ‘Walker’ Morgan (2005 M4x)

[726] Laura Osti (2009 W4-)

[753] Peta White (2011 W4-)

[754] Renee Chatterton (2011 W4-)

[783] Ned Kinnear (2013 M8+)

[882] William Smith (2019 PR3 M2-)

To find out more about the McVilly-Pearce Pin, visit the Rowing Australia Website.