What memberships are avaliable?

AUBC offers a variety of memberships to both rowers and non rowers alike.  Even if you are no longer keen on actually getting in the boat we would love to keep you on as a social member. below is a list of memberships available to you.

Seniors Membership - $650 per year

Rowing membership at AUBC entitles the holder to:

  • Boat access
  • Gym access
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Gym programs
  • Bi-Annual Magazine
  • Social Invitations
  • Reduced Venue Hire Rates

Junior/School Leavers Membership - $490 per year

This membership is restricted is to members who are current school students and will graduate from high school in November 2020 or after.

Junior members are entitled to the same privileges as Rowing members.

Please contact captain@aubc.asn.au for further information.

Torrens Facility/Gym – $490 per year

The previous AUBC gym was so dilapidated that it was once described by one sports journalist as a ‘museum of fitness’. Now, however, AUBC offers a fully refurbished gym facility. This membership offers users access to the gym at the Barr Smith Boatshed from 6am to 9pm. and includes:-

  • New Free Weights Equipment
  • Change room and Shower Facilities
  • 9 Rowing Machines
  • Powerful Sound System
  • 2 46″ LCD Screens
  • 2 Spin Bikes
  • Pin Code Access
  • Reduced Venue Hire

SASI Membership – $325 per year

SASI Membership is only available to those athletes that are on Full SASI rowing scholarships, to reflect the reduced use of the club’s equipment AUBC reduces the membership rate, SASI members are entitled to the same privileges as Rowing members:-

  • Boat access
  • Gym access
  • Coaching and mentoring,
  • Gym programs
  • Bi-Annual Magazine
  • Social Invitations
  • Reduced Venue Hire Rates

Coxswain Membership – $325 per year

This membership is open to coxswains of the club and is priced to reflect the reduced use of club equipment. This option gives you:-

  • Boat access
  • Gym access
  • coaching and mentoring
  • Bi-Annual Magazine
  • Social Invitations

This membership may be purchased on the AU Sport Website by selecting Seniors membership then selecting the coxswain option when propted.

Masters’ Membership – $580 per year

This membership option is open to rowers over 27 years old who would like to continue rowing outside the clubs other rowing programs. This option gives you:-

  • Boat access (not first grade fleet)
  • Gym access (subject to availability with other full rowing members)
  • Bi-Annual Magazine
  • Social Invitations
  • Reduced Venue Hire

Social Membership – $78 per year

Do you want to keep in touch with AUBC? Social membership provides the perfect opportunity to do so. Social Membership provides you with the following:-

  • Bi-Annual Magazine
  • Reduced Venue Hire
  • Invites to Social Functions
  • continued involvement with the club
  • A warm fuzzy feeling

Where do I sign up?

AUBC uses an online portal to sell memberships on the AU Blacks website. This portal is run by the Adelaide University Sports Association. Click the link below and follow the 6 steps.


follow these steps:-

  1. New Members must first create an account by clicking ‘create account’ in top right hand corner of the screen
  2. fill in your details and create a username and password
  3. Under ‘About Us’ on the AUBC club page click on the link next to “To JOIN this club and purchase membership”
  4. Click on the product you wish to purchase ie ‘AUBC Rowing Membership’
  5. Pay using a credit card or via PayPal as instructed
  6. You are now an AUBC member!

For all memberships other than “Social” you will be sent a Barr Smith Boat Shed pin code by the Captain within 48hrs of signing up, all you are required to do is send an email to the below address and request the code, stating your name and when you purchased membership.

Terms and Conditions of Membership

For terms and conditions of membership please refer to the following PDF document

AUBC Membership – Terms and Condtitions

Policies and Guidelines

AUBC is committed in providing a safe and enjoyable environment for our members to enjoy rowing and get the most out of the sport.

AUBC adopts the policies of our umbrella organisations – Adelaide University Sport, Rowing South Australia and Rowng Australia – unless stated otherwise.

For a list of our policies, including code of conduct, member protection, child safe policies, drug and alcohol, safety etc, please follow the links below.
All members are bound to these policies and it is the individual’s responsibility to be aware of them.


If you have any queries about our policies, do not hesitate to contact the Club Captain, at captain@aubc.asn.au .


If you experience any problems or would prefer to complete the membership forms via hard copy please contact the Captain at captain@aubc.asn.au